What is CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is software which helps in managing your brand's engagement with your current and future customers. CRM software allows you to build, organize and present database of your customer information which you and your team can update as and when new information about is discovered. It's a central repository of all your customer and prospect data which enables your team to be organized and more productive. Its also facilitates better collaboration among teams and gives management deeper insights into individual performance and overall business growth.

The first generation of CRM was developed to just store basic customer data but modern generation CRM have evolved into much robust software. The current generation of CRM Software's encompasses the entire journey of a customer with your brand. With new functionalities, plugins and widgets CRM's can now have real time communication with customers and prospects.

Benefits of CRM

The major benefit for many businesses to migrate to a CRM comes in the form of a unified platform to store the business data. This gives them an easy access to every piece of information from one common source. Before the advent of CRM, the data was scattered across documents, spreadsheets, email systems, address books, notebooks and Rolodex entries. With CRM, this tedious process wears a simplified look as different departments can access the data from a centralized location. The collaborations between departments can happen with ease, and the automation helps to increase the revenue of a business.

CRM offers scores of benefits such as 360-degree customer profiling, sales gamification, telephony, appointment scheduling, deal management.

How does CRM work?

CRM software uses an integrated approach to store customer information. An all-in-one CRM has sales, marketing and service automation rolled into one. It automates interactions, provides business intelligence, and empowers sales reps to make the sales process smoother. A CRM analyzes the data and opportunities of your sales force and helps them deliver a stellar customer service. The customer-facing functions of a business can become simpler and easier with the adoption of CRM. Making a business successful and keeping it running can be an arduous task. When all happen simultaneously and you have to handle chunks of data in form of campaigns, meetings, appointments etc. you find a need to adopt a powerful app in place of many individual apps. An all-in-one CRM unites all the functions on a single platform.

CRM software embraces the following workflow:

  • Trigger marketing
  • Initiate and process sales
  • Schedule bookings and orders
  • Provide service & support

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